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Educational Philosophy

We inspire students to learn with excellence through using innovative techniques, technology, and individualized learning. We believe that students are created with an unlimited potential to learn! At GCS our faculty grounds the students in the fundamentals and then encourages them to take control of their own learning and reach new heights. Our faculty also uses cutting edge educational techniques including the integration of technology to accomplish an excellent education. For instance, students actively take part in their own learning through collaborative group projects like building websites, using online applications to develop presentations, exploring ethical situations, and so much more.   Last, we customize each child’s education towards their unique strengths and educational needs. The goal of our educational approach is to inspire students to a lifetime of learning with excellence!


As an institution, Grace Christian School also pursues educational excellence. Toward this goal, we earned accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), in 2011, as the culmination of an extensive self-study and evaluation by representatives of the two accrediting bodies.  Grace is committed to implementing the recommendations of these committees and to continually improving our school to benefit the children entrusted to us for an education. Our faculty also engage in a required Professional Growth and Renewal program to pursue lifelong learning ourselves.

Excellence in Content

The program strives to set the highest ideals of academic freedom, direction, and experience within a Christian framework.  The lower grades and middle school are given a solid foundation in Bible, writing, mathematics, literature, creative arts, history, geography, Spanish, and the sciences.  The school actively communicates with parents regarding a student’s progress. A students letter grade is available to parents daily through our online database. Our Trimester report cards are in a narrative form which gives parents a detailed view of their child’s learning.  The high school offers college preparatory English, Spanish, Bible, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, Health, Art, Music, and varied electives.

Our academics set students apart for a lifetime of fulfilling learning with excellence which will help them have good success both in school, and in their lives for their future!