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Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles

More than Physical Education, our program inspires students to lifestyle wellness. We are committed to teaching healthy lifestyles from Pre-School through Grade 12. Students in PE learn skills and techniques which translate to their everyday life, and any sports in which they participate. Students experience healthy living through cardio-vascular exercises, including a couch to 5 K running course. Students work on their muscle group through calisthenics and weight training in our new weight room.¬† Balance and coordination are taught through acrobatics, and parkour. Last, students participate in different sports and games, teaching them sportsmanship, and exposing them to various activities. The school’s proximity to Bennington’s Willow Park allow for use of the park’s fields, trails and baseball/softball diamonds, while indoor sports takes advantage of our Peter Grimes Gymnasium. Our program is designed to inspire each student to healthy living both now and in their future.

Team Sports


GCS features a fall soccer program with boys, girls, and co-ed teams. Our coaches love the game and pass on that love to the students! We compete against local public and private schools. Practice begins in August, please contact the school for details!


We love basketball! Our boys’ and girls’ teams play competitively with local public and private school teams.


Mountain Sports

One amazing perk of having a school in Vermont is our Mountain Sports program at Mount Snow, one of Vermont’s premier mountains! We take 6 Fridays and go to the mountain¬† for the day. Students in grades 2-12 have the opportunity to take advantage of Mount Snow’s Ski and Snowboard School. In the afternoon students are free to ski and snowboard with friends and a chaperone.


Students in grades 4-12 participate in a Bowling Club together for 6 weeks of fun!

Homeschool Students are encouraged to participate with us in our Healthy Lifestyles Program! Contact us to learn about our Homeschool Connection or to apply to GCS!