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Academic Excellence

At Grace Christian School one of our 3 major goals is to inspire your child to excellence! This is an education primed to develop students into leaders who will take an active role in managing their own learning, time, project teams, and service projects. Here are some attributes which lead your child to a lifetime of learning with excellence!

  • Interdisciplinary Projects-One of our major goals at GCS is for students to learn by doing. Our students are engaged in content that is interdisciplinary, applied to real life situations, and promotes global awareness.
  • Collaboration-All learning at GCS is in a framework which encourages collaboration between students and teachers.
  • Technology-The use of technology for educational success is incorporated into all courses at GCS. Our students have designed websites, used online presentation apps, 3-D printers, and robotics.
  • Online Courses-GCS offers online courses to enrich our academic offerings.
  • Dual Credit-Exceptional High School students are eligible to take courses at local colleges for both High School and College Credit. This is one way your investment in your child to attend GCS pays. Through this program students have earned up to 24 college credits
  • Math Innovation-we have an individualized approach to Mathematics where students who excel in math can move beyond the traditional class for their age group. We also employ a flipped Math concept where students watch the lesson at home, and then do the work in school. This method leads to students being able to collaborate with each other and the math professional as they take control of their personal math journey.
  • English Language Arts-The goal of the language program at GCS is for students to develop increasing skills in expression, and literacy. Our reading program utilizes books from the earliest point in Elementary until Graduation. Our goal is for students to enjoy reading, and to benefit their lives through its use.