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Middle School & High School

The purpose of the Grace Christian Middle/High School is to lead each student to a restored, whole relationship with God. Our goal is to train them to live their lives according to the Godly principles set forth in His Word. The teachers help develop their skills, so they can make effective contributions in society, that reflect God’s purpose. His Word serves as the basis for each area studied and is integrated in each subject area. This philosophy is vital to all co-curricular events that students involved themselves in here at GCS. Working with parents to encourage each student’s growth in all areas in needed to have the best outcome.

Advising System for 7th – 12th Grades

Grace Christian School advisers serve as grade-level homeroom teachers, overseeing activities associated with the class.  As needed, these advisers meet with students within their homeroom or individually in order to encourage, give advice, share in the student’s academic goals, and address any problems or concerns.

Requirements for graduation

The curriculum initiates a broad scope of study as students prepare for post-secondary school study and/or experience.  25 Carnegie credits are required for graduation including:

4 credits of English

4 credits of Bible

3 credits of History (includes US History) and Social Sciences

3 credits of Mathematics

3 credits of Science

2 credits of Foreign Language

1 Fine Arts credit

1.5 credits of Physical Education

1 Computer credit

.5 credits of Health

* 2 credits of electives.

College Placement

GCS assists students and their parents as students seek “the next step.” An experienced college counselor provides comprehensive guidance. Students wishing to explore other post-secondary school choices such as missionary work, the military, the job world, and non-traditional learning experiences, are also given advice and direction.